Office 365

Moving to the cloud is neither a quick nor easy decision. There is a lot to think about. What does it actually cost? Will everyone be able to work how and where they want – and can I keep control? Is the information really safe in the cloud? We can understand that you have questions.

We recommend choosing Microsoft® Office 365 for your business. Office 365 includes a number of cloud services that connect Microsoft Office with document sharing, instant messaging, web conferencing, and Exchange Online sites, the leading e-mail solution for companies with 50 GB inbox and built-in antivirus and spam protection. But how can that help you?

Work how and where you want

“Many people sit at home or out with customers and work. Therefore, it is practical with cloud-based services. They are available and facilitate for everyone. ”

  • Secure, easy login for access to e-mail, documents, contacts and meetings without VPN
  • Works with Windows® Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
  • Works on almost any device with Internet Explorer®, Firefox, Safari or Chrome
Always online, always safe

“The best part is that I can feel safe. It’s nice that someone else takes care of all the practicalities. ”

  • SLA with 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime and money back guarantee
  • Latest antivirus and spam protection
  • Geographically dispersed data center with first-class backup and recovery technology
Full control

“The technology is becoming increasingly advanced. Without Office 365 we would have had to be more to keep up with. ”

  • IT support via telephone 24 hours a day
  • Role-based access control to sensitive documents
  • A user-friendly and stable control panel for all web services
Save your IT budget to the important projects

“The cost savings that a cloud-based solution means is enough to choose Office 365.”

  • Predictable monthly costs
  • No infrastructure investments
  • Pay only for the services you need